The leaf and stem mines of British flies and other insects

(Coleoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera and Lepidoptera)

by Brian Pitkin, Willem Ellis, Colin Plant and Rob Edmunds


Coptotriche marginea (Haworth, 1828)
[Lepidoptera: Tischeriidae]

Bordered Carl

Tinea marginea Haworth, 1828. Brit. Lep.: 556.
Emmetia marginea
(Haworth, 1828)
Coptotriche marginea
(Haworth, 1828).

Leaf-miner: A gallery leading to whitish blotch. The larvae from the autumn generation feed throughout the winter. Pupation occurs inside the mine. Mines in shaded places can be large (British leafminers).

Oviposition at the upperside of the leaf. From there runs a short corridor that widens into a long-elliptic blotch. The blotch is upper-surface, whitish to yellow-brown; the larva lines the inside with much silk, causing the mine to pucker slightly. All frass is ejected through a small opening in the underside of the mine. Pupation within the mine; the pupa is not enclosed in a cocoon (Bladmineerders van Europa)

The mine is also illustrated (UKMoths).

Larva: The larvae of moths have a head capsule and chewing mouthparts with opposable mandibles (see video of a gracillarid larva feeding), six thoracic legs and abdominal legs (see examples).

The larva is illustrated in British leafminers, Bladmineerders van Europa and UKMoths.

Pupa: The pupae of moths have visible head appendages, wings and legs which lie in sheaths (see examples).

The pupa is illustrated in Bladmineerders van Europa.

Adult: The adult is illustrated in UKMoths. The species is included in

Comments: The summer generation of this species is discussed in the British Leafminers Newsletter.

Hosts in Great Britain and Ireland:

Rubus   A bramble   British leafminers, as Emmetia
Rubus   A bramble   UKMoths, as Emmetia
Rubus fruticosus Bramble / Blackberry   Pitkin & Plant, as Emmetia
Rubus fruticosus Bramble / Blackberry   British leafminers, as Emmetia
Rubus loganbaccus Loganberry British Wild Life Pitkin & Plant, as Emmetia

Hosts elsewhere:

Rubus   A bramble   Belgian Lepidoptera
Rubus caesius Dewberry British Wild Life Bladmineerders van Europa
Rubus canescens A bramble   Bladmineerders van Europa
Rubus discolor A bramble   Bladmineerders van Europa
Rubus fruticosus Bramble / Blackberry   Belgian Lepidoptera
Rubus fruticosus Bramble / Blackberry   Bladmineerders van Europa
Rubus grabowskii A bramble   Bladmineerders van Europa
Rubus hypargyrus A bramble   Bladmineerders van Europa
Rubus idaeus Raspberry British Wild Flowers by John Somerville et al. Bladmineerders van Europa
Rubus laciniatus Parsley-leaved Bramble British Wild Life Bladmineerders van Europa
Rubus macrophyllus A bramble British Wild Life Bladmineerders van Europa
Rubus nemorosus A bramble British Wild Life Bladmineerders van Europa
Rubus saxatilis Stone Bramble British Wild Life Bladmineerders van Europa

Time of year - larvae: July, September - March (British leafminers).

Time of year - adults: Two generations, May and June, and again in August (UKMoths).

Distribution in Great Britain and Ireland: A common species throughout Britain (UKMoths) including Anglesey, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Breconshire, Buckinghamshire, Caernarvonshire, Cambridgeshire, Carmarthenshire, Cheshire, Cumberland, Denbighshire, Derbyshire, Dorset, Dumfriesshire, Durham, East Cornwall, East Gloucestershire, East Kent, East Norfolk, East Suffolk, East Sussex, Glamorgan, Hertfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Isle of Wight, Kirkudbrightshire, Leicestershire, Merionethshire, Middlesex, Monmouthshire, North Hampshire, North Lincolnshire, North Northumberland, North Somerset, North Wiltshire, Nottinghamshire, Pembrokeshire, Radnorshire, Shropshire, South Devon, South Hampshire, South Northumberland, South Somerset, South Wiltshire, South-west Yorkshire, Stafford, Surrey, West Cornwall, West Gloucestershire, West Kent, West Lancashire, West Norfolk, West Suffolk, West Sussex, Westmorland and Worcestershire (NBN Atlas) and the Channel Is. (Fauna Europaea).

See also British leafminers distribution map, as Emmetia marginea.

Also recorded in the Republic of Ireland (Fauna Europaea).

Distribution elsewhere: Widespread in continental Europe including Albania, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Corsica, Crete, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Danish mainland, Dodecanese Is., Finland, French mainland, Greek mainland, Hungary, Italian mainland, Luxembourg, Macedonia, North Aegean Is., Poland, Portuguese mainland, Romania, Sardinia, Sicily, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spanish mainland, Sweden, Switzerland and The Netherlands (Fauna Europaea).

NBN Atlas links to known host species:

Rubus caesius, Rubus fruticosus, Rubus idaeus, Rubus laciniatus, Rubus macrophyllus, Rubus nemorosus, Rubus saxatilis

British and Irish Parasitoids in Britain and elsewhere: Currently unknown.

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